The Village


The Village


Most of us have heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child."

What happens when your support network is a whole ocean away? You find yourself expecting a child or maybe you're new parents already, in a town or country that isn't your own.


This page is for you. Here you can find information about parent support groups and activities where the common language is english.


I will also post answers to the most common questions I get asked regarding pregnancy, birth and parenting here in Gonthenburg. If you have a question you would like answering, send me an email to or message me on Instagram/Facebook.

Om Baby's Parent Support Group


Parent Support is a FREE weekly support group for new moms and dads.

Each week we will cover a baby or mama (postpartum) related topic followed by an open discussion.

Come with any problems or questions and share your experience with other parents. Find support in others.

Bring cookies or fruit to share.


Place: Om Baby, Miraallén 39, 41758 Göteborg.

Time: Tuesdays 13.00-14.00

Cost: Free


Gothenburg Parents

Gothenburg Parents is a closed facebook group aimed at international parents or grandparents living in Gothenburg.

On this page a wealth of information can be found.

Ask a question, arrange a meet up, find others on parental leave in your area.

With over 1,2k members it's one of the hotest spots in Gothenburg!

Gothenburg Parents Buy and Sell.

You may have noticed Sweden can be pricey, however it's a very eco friendly country with the second hand 'Loppis' being a huge hit.

Gothenburg Parents Buy and Sell is the sister group to Gothenburg Parents and is an online second hand market place for children's or homewear items.

Nearing 1k members it's a surefire place to find what you need.

Amningshjälpen Breastfeeding Advice


Amningshjälpen have supported parents with breastfeeding since 1973.

Amningshjälpen provide fact based knowledge on breastfeeding, questions and answers to the most common feeding questions and problems and also details on where to find help should you need personal advice.


Their website is overflowing with information. You can also find them on Facebook and there may even be one of their breastfeeding support group in your local area.

For Västra Götaland, I am the regional co-ordinator for Amningshjälpen so feel free to contact me via the details on the contact page.

Mamma Till Mamma


Mamma till Mamma is an organisation who's goal is to encourage recovery amongst women who have suffered mental illness during pregnancy or the time after birth. Their aim is, that by helping the Mother, they are helpng the child and the family as a whole.


Research shows that 8-15% of new mothers in Sweden suffer from pre or postnatal depression.


Do you need someone to talk to?

Sometimes it's far from fantastik to be a parent. Sometimes it's refreshing to be able to ventilate all the thoughts and feelings you have. Through Mamma till Mamma you have the possibility  to be anonymous and talk about the things that feel hard. Mamma till Mamma are there for you with the hope that freedom of speech and discussion will help make life a little easier for you and your family. Mamma till Mamma's support staff are there for those of you that wish for support during pregnancy or the early years. Of course they have a duty of confidentiality!


Våra medmammor finns för dig som önskar få stöd i samband med graviditet eller småbarnsåren. Självklart har de tystnadsplikt!

Email: then one of their support Mamma's will email you back within two days.






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