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Research has shown and highlighted, the positive effect of having a Doula present during birth.

 'The Doula Effect' as it has become known is the outcome of having a doula close during pregnancy and birth. A doula's presence can reduce both the length of labour and the need for medical pain relief. It has also been proven that having a doula present can reduce the need for an emergency cesarean section or other medical interventions such as vacuum extraction or forceps delivery.



If you are interested in having a Doula support you through birth, call or email using the contact details on the contact page.


Once I receive your details I will contact you and arrange a time for a complimentary Meet-and-Greet interview. This is usually at a local Café and lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour, enough time for you to summarise your thoughts around the upcoming birth and for me to describe how I work as a doula.


After the Meet and Greet I will save your due date for up to a week while you decide if a doula is right for your birth and that the personal chemistry between us felt right.


Two birth preperation meetings are advisable before the upcoming birth. These are best at your home, where you feel comfortable and are most likely to spend time during the latent phase of labour. Of course, these meetings can also be in another undisturbed environment if you would prefer.

Split between the two birth preperation talks we will discuss the following:

  • Your thoughs and wishes around the upcoming birth.
  • Discuss previous birth experiences if this is applicable.
  • Any worries or fears surrounding labour or newborn time.
  • Stages of labour.
  • Available pain relief.
  • Help with a Birth Plan
  • The Doula's role during your labour and birth.
  • Finalisation of birth plan
  • Discuss positions and techniques that aide each stage of labour.
  • Practice non-medical pain relief techniques, such as breathing, focus techniques and rebozo massage.
  • What to expect the first hour after birth.
  • Feeding.


On-call availability from two weeks before and after your estimated due date. This means your doula will be ready and waiting for 'the call' no matter what time of day or night. Depending on what has been previously decided, your doula will meet you at home or on the labour and delivery ward. The doula will be there within two hours of your call and with you continuously throughout labour. The doula will also provide up to two hours of immediate postpartum support.


At a time suitable to you, during the initial postpartum weeks, your doula will visit you at home for a follow up chat where you can discuss your birth experience and thoughts and feelings about it. This can also be done via telephone/email if you would prefer.






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