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Welcome, I'm Klara,

An English speaking doula based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I was born in Hong Kong and raised in the UK.

I'm an ODIS certified and board approved, billingual doula with English as my first language.

Together with my swedish Husband, I have four children who were all born here in Gothenburg.

In addition to both birth and postpartum doula support, I offer birthpool rental for home and hospital births, individual birth preparation classes and I'm in the process of qualifying as a hypnobirthing instructor.

I've worked within education for the last 13 years and prior to this I worked as a flight attendant. I've always worked in roles where care of people is primary, safety and the ability to work under pressure are paramount.


My goal and reason for starting The Equilibrium Doula is to offer impartial advice and all round support to help you and your new family grow, to find a balance and pace that feels comfortable to you while the rest of the world keeps spinning outside of the new baby bubble.


Birth can be unpredictable, no labour is the same.

As a doula, my most important task is to be the protector of your birth experience, so what ever route birth takes, you get a sense of fullfilment from what you have achieved.

Name: Klara Hallenius

City: Gothenburg

Phone: 0722182407

Email: klara@equilibriumdoula.se

Instagram: Equilibrium_Doula

Instagram: Equilibriumgallery

Facebook:  The Equilibrium Doula 


"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use them."

- John M Kenell, M.D.

What is a Doula?

A doula also known as birth coach is a trained professional who understands the physiology of birth AND the emotional needs of a Woman in labour. A doula offers guidance together with physical, emotional and informational support, continuously for the Mother and birth partner, during pregnancy, labour and shortly after childbirth. A doula can also provide comfort and relaxation measures as well as pain relieving techniques such as controlled breathing, Essential Oil massage, Rebozo massage and advice on labouring positions. The doula and birth partner work as a team to make sure the labouring woman has as much support as she feels she needs.

A Doula's presence at a birth can mean...

A shorter labour with fewer complications, a reduced chance of labour inducing medications, forceps or vacuum extraction. Birthing mothers feel more positive about labour. Less chance of a cesarean section and less need for pain medication or epidural.

A Doula will...

Provide information to help you and your family plan how they would like to be cared for during the birth. Provide CONTINUOUS labour support for both you and any chosen birth partner and work together as a team through the process of labour and birth.

Doulas are for...

Those planning a hospital birth, home birth, planned Cesarean section when no additional birth support is present. A doula will offer support to all types of partner, a supportive partner, a scared partner or no birth partner. A doula will support you if you want all available pain relief, no pain relief or if you just want to 'wait and see' A doula will be supportive of your feeding choice, breast, bottle or both, a fed baby is best!

As your Doula I will...

Protect your birthing experience by recognizing birth as a natural and normal process. I will listen and advocate for your wishes. Offer individualized, emotional and physical support both before the birth, in the familliar surroundings of your own home and at the hospital (or home, if you are having a homebirth) during the birth. I will provide effective communication between yourselves and the hospital care providers to create an atmosphere of balance in the birthing room.







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